Cruise Operations Canada Place 

In 2006, Ceres expanded its Canadian operations to become the terminal operator for the Alaska cruise run at Canada Place in Vancouver BC, Canada.


During the 2019 cruise ship season, Ceres handled almost 1.1 million passengers and 300 vessels at the cruise terminal. Ceres provides terminal management services for the Canada Place Cruise Ship Terminal. This includes managing stevedoring, ground transportation, security, screening, janitorial, and other day to day operations. By demonstrating a strong commitment to providing world-class passenger services and facilities for the Alaska cruise market, Ceres and its skilled labor force continues to receive high satisfaction ratings from Cruise Lines and passengers for guest experience and terminal services.

RORO Operations Annacis Island & Richmond 

In 2009, Ceres starts RORO operations at Annacis Island and Richmond BC, Canada. Ceres Terminals provides stevedoring on RORO vessels at Annacis Island and Richmond on a variety of new and used vehicles. Ceres also handles high and heavy equipment from RORO vessels.

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