About Ceres

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The founder of Ceres, Chris Kritikos, started the business in 1958 handling grain ships in Chicago on the Great Lakes. Building on strong determination to provide high quality and competitively priced services, the business expanded over many decades in the United States and Canada. Ceres developed strong partnerships and provided services for Bulk, Breakbulk, Container, and RoRo operations.


To create additional operating synergies, in 2002, Nippon Yusen Kaisha (NYK) acquired Ceres connecting them to Yusen Terminals. Ceres started servicing cruise ships in various ports in North America, including Vancouver and Port Canaveral. These two operations have played a large role in helping Ceres position themselves as cruise industry leaders. Ceres also formed joint ventures with Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC) and have also developed a similar relationship with Hapag-Lloyd that placed Ceres among the leaders in container stevedoring in the Gulf region. 


In 2015, McQuarrie Instructure Partners took a partnership stake in NYK and further purchased 100% of Ceres in 2019.  Ceres is now a part of the world’s largest port infrastructure groups.

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