Flashback Friday - Did we really do that???????

t’s hard to believe that last year on Labour Day, we were staring down one of our busiest Septembers ever – 60 sailings. A 42% increase over September 2018. Pile on top of that massive dry docks and back to back operations at the end of the month with our peak day of September 30th running through the night before and into midnig

t on the 30th to depart the Bliss. I know many of you still have scars on your back from that day. What was most instrumental was the laughter we had that month, the calmness that our teams took to power through and the we can do this attitude. This photo from September 30th shows the Jewel, Oosterdam and Wonder in Port with the Bliss anchored out in the harbour and it was a picture perfect day.

Moving into Labour Day 2020, getting through this month will take the same. Laughter, calmness and we can power through this. There have been some positive moves in our industry despite the setbacks we see daily. Costa is set to have their first sailing this Sunday in Italy and other cruise lines are starting with very small cautious sailings in Europe this month.

So enjoy this Labour day, one of the first for many of you in years that you won’t be labouring. Have a fabulous weekend all.