Flashing Back... to this Mickey Moment

Yep Mickey Mouse turned 92 this week on November 18th . Interesting that November 18th is also National Princess Day so the two are celebrated together – which just seems right somehow. Even more interesting is that Mickey’s big screen debut came in the feature film “Steamboat Willie” in 1928 – now …..isn’t that a coincidence. As I’ve said before – I don’t make this stuff up. It reminded me of 2 years ago on June11th, 2018 one of our Foreman Al Wright, was working in the hatch of the Disney Wonder. One of the crew members grabbed him by the shoulders and Al could see he was choking. We had just finished first aid training with all our foreman and Al immediately administered the Heimlich maneuver and likely saved the life of the crew member. As a result of that Ceres presented him with our Life Safety Award on a day fitting – when the Disney Wonder was in town and we were able to use this fabulous vessel as the backdrop to our official photo.

Well, interesting in today’s cruise industry news, the Disney Wonder has left drydock in France and is on her way to Florida.

So Happy Birthday Mickey – you look amazing for 92 and we can’t wait to have Mickey back in our terminal waving to our guests and team.

Cheers all.