This Flashback Friday is now Thankful Friday!!!

On this Thankful Friday - I am reminded of a year ago this week - some of us attended the 20th Annual Port Gala Fundraiser that raised $201,000 for the Harvest Project, Mission Possible and the Reach Youth and Child Development Society. We had just come off our biggest month ever with some of our craziest ever days and while a little weary were excited to attend the dinner. For the first time Ceres also hosted as the dessert sponsor!!!! My favourite part of dinner.

As we go into this Canadian Thanksgiving weekend, many of the organizations that depend on our industry are not getting those benefits or funding support this year whether it be from lack of fundraising events, charitable golf tournaments, donations from lost and found or being able to volunteer in person at certain facilities. So as you enjoy this Thanksgiving weekend – take a moment to look at how you can support those organizations that may heavily rely upon the various efforts of our amazingly caring industry – even if it’s a small donation or a shout out to some of the organizations listed above or Mission for Seafarers helping our seafarers, Mercy Ships who support our destinations or 4 Oceans that work to keep our oceans clean for our guests.

Happy Thanksgiving all. Indulge in some pumpkin pie and an extra helping of mashed potatoes!!! What the heck – if you’re like me and hit the COVID 15 might as well go all the way and go for COVID 20. Pounds that is,,,,,

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