Your final Friday of 2020....It's Festive Fashion Friday!!!!!!!!

So yes, this is your final Flashback/Forward/Freaky Friday post of 2020…and today is the Festive Fashion Friday. Yep, today is National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day and what better year to pull out those ugly Christmas Sweaters and get some use from them. Even if you don’t have an ugly Christmas Sweater – just make one with a little garland and some Christmas ornaments pinned to your most comfortable sweatshirt or dress it up with a Santa hat or pinning some Christmas socks to it – its 2020 so the sky’s the limit. The best part is…you can actually wear your ugly Christmas Sweater every where this year because you can only go to your living room, your bedroom, your kitchen and only with the people in your household so it’s a great way to get into a festive mood without people secretly laughing about your ugly Christmas Sweater. And your bonus for 2020 is you get to pair that ugly sweater with a yes – equally ugly Christmas face mask – its two for one. Our new Ceres mascots were so excited even they dressed up!! Okay I finally admit it – I am making this stuff up.

Our Throwback Thursday’s/Flashback Fridays started in May when I came across a lone Canadian goose who was aggressively protecting his new perch on our east berth watching out for cruise to return and it started with your weekly Canada Place fix. We have enjoyed staying connected to all of you during this strange year, sharing some fun photos from years gone by and capturing some of our fond – or not so fond memories from over the years.

From our team and your cruise terminal home…have a fabulous Christmas and Holiday season…albeit in your small household bubbles. 2021 will still be a rollercoaster but looking forward to seeing you all on the other side of 2020 as we support and plan for the resumption of cruise.

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