Your Friday CP Fix is now Throwback Thursday

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

This was an exciting day last year when this vessel came in during its inaugural sailing. The first hybrid ship in the world and it originally was planning on taking about 250 travel partners down to Seattle that evening. With a Port agent who had never worked a cruise ship showing up well after the ship arrived and no real passenger agent other than a few DNA staff that were hired to assist and no information on disembark from the vessel resulting in Andrew standing in front of 500 people to say don’t worry your baggage will be here soon to keep them calm given all 500 guests disembarked in a single stream to the ship being broken and not able to sail as planned – cheated out of my first cruise sailing ever – to the organizer being late as the bus he was on from Seattle broke down to chasing down 2 cases of champagne to chill before the plaque exchange to securing 200 bagged breakfasts for their bus ride back to Seattle to the weirdest hatch loading we have ever seen which they closed for a few hours because of the tide. It was a very strange day despite it being the only vessel in Port and I was thrilled and excited to be part of the plaque exchange.

Well it’s planning on coming back in 2021 and yep just got their 2022 berth requests and…this week Hurtigruten was first out of the gate with their vessel the MSS Finnmarken having departed with 200 guests for a sailing in western Norway Tuesday evening. Below is the link to the announcement. Cruising is back!!!!!!!!!