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Safety comes first at Ceres!

Every Ceres operation is visited regularly by our leadership team to reinforce safety  standards.
We are an active participant in trade discussions on safety  issues through our affiliation
with the BC Maritime Employers Association as well as other national trade organizations in the US and Canada.

Our ongoing, proactive safety program is focused on top-down accountability, complying with federal, state, provincial, and local laws and regulations. Providing a safe work environment and preventing accidents are of the highest priority in all areas and operations in the company. Safety always takes precedence and shortcuts that jeopardize safety are always avoided. All employees are responsible for upholding and following safety rules and procedures, as well as reporting all unsafe acts and environments to management immediately. The management and employees of Ceres undertake a continual emphasis on safety and take all practical steps to provide and maintain a safer and healthier work culture.

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