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All Encompassing Security Solution

Ceres offers a wide variety of security management and consulting services to the maritime industry of which are directly associated with the requirements set forth in international and federal regulations (ISPS code and MTSA). Our staff manage and oversee facility security, control room, and pre-board screening operations. We work alongside various government agencies and regulatory bodies including Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA), US Customs and Border Protection (USCBP), Transport Canada, US Homeland Security and various others.  

Our Marine Facility Security Officers and Port Facility Security Officers have years of experience building and maintaining comprehensive Marine Facility Security Plans (MFSPs) and Emergency Management Programs. Ceres conducts frequent drills, exercises, and audits to ensure the effectiveness of our plans and procedures. As well we analyze operational reports to identify trends and mitigate potential impacts to operations.

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Marine Facility Security Plan:

Our security management team creates and maintains Marine Facility Security Plans for our facilities in accordance with local, federal, and international rules and regulations. We strive to create plans that meet and exceed the regulations while allowing operational flexibility.

We frequently conduct audits, drills and exercises to ensure that all aspects of the MFSPs are evaluated and in compliance with all regulations.

Emergency Management Program:

Ceres has built a comprehensive Emergency Management Program that is designed to look at the preparedness, response, mitigation, and recovery from various incidents and impacts to marine operations. This program covers many areas of responsibility including:

  • Emergency Response Plans

  • Business Continuity Plans (BCP)

  • Business Impact Analysis

  • Pandemic Plans

  • Sanitation Plans


Ceres recognizes the importance of training for the success of the Emergency Management Program and delivers a comprehensive training curriculum to all our operational partners.

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Standard Operating Procedures:

Ceres understands that Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) are a critical component of security operations. These procedures ensure a consistent response to various incidents and allows us to maintain our security posture using patrols, access control, CCTV monitoring, and pre-board screening. These living documents are continuously updated by Ceres to address the changing security landscape and stay ahead of the evolving threat environment.


Our SOPs cover many facets of security and include procedures for the following:

  • Facility Security Operations

  • Control Room Operations

  • Preboard Screening

  • Security Credential Issuance and Facility Access Assignment


Training is a critical component of the Ceres Security and Emergency Management Programs. We train staff and business partners annually and semi-annually to ensure that our operations meets and exceeds federal and international standards. Ceres facilitates a variety of training programs including:

  • Standard Operating Procedure training for security and control room personnel

  • Security Training and Awareness for persons without security responsibilities

  • Incident Command Systems Introduction

  • Incident Report Writing

  • Facility Orientation and Threat Identification

  • Vehicle Inspection

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Ceres worked with OrigamiRisk to create customized electronic reporting forms specifically for our operations. This allows us to collect and analyze operational data to identify trends and mitigate potential impacts to operations.


Report summaries are created and distributed with our security partners to assist with situational awareness and further strengthen our security posture.

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