Ceres has implemented an aggressive plan for the purchase of emerging technology, the development of software, the redefining of IT processes, and the upgrading of systems. A substantial investment has been made in time, staff and resources so that the dissemination of critical information can always be given to our customers in a timely and accurate manner. With better technology, we have access to better data, which allows us to make stronger data-driven decisions.


The Ceres Dispatch System, powered by Voyage
Control, is a cloud-based logistics platform used to
dispatch vehicles to and from Canada Place Cruise Ship Terminal in Vancouver, including the Holding Lot on Waterfront Road.


Three separate dispatch system websites are available for ground transportation providers: one for buses; one for trucks; and one for limousines, shuttles and small private tour operators. The dispatch system is free to use for all users to submit pre-arrival notifications and it provides up to date communication between the Cruise Terminal and the Holding Lot.

Ceres Dispatch System Video Overview


Ceres continually looks for new and innovative ways to improve the passenger experience and increase operational efficiency.  To help with this, Ceres has purchased the use of AnyLogic software to create simulations of the cruise terminal operations.  Various operational flows and processes are tested in the virtual environment to find the best outcome possible for maximum efficiency and experience.

Anylogic Video Overview


Ceres worked with OrigamiRisk to create electronic reporting forms specifically customized for our operations. This allows us to collect and analyze operational data to identify trends and mitigate potential impacts to operations.

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